venerdì 29 aprile 2016

Tarea para hoy

Aprende ingles jugando

Ejercidios de INGLES

 Listen carefully and choose the number of the conversation.
Accepting an invitation
-Would you like to have dinner 
with me tonight?
R Oh,that sounds great!
-I'll pick you up at...say 7.30?
R Yes.that would be perfect.
-See you tonight.then.
R Yes,thank you for inviting me.
A- Conversation _

 B-Politely declining an invitation
-You're still joining us for a sail this weekend,right?
R Oh,it was so nice of you to invite me,but i can't make it.
-What a shame.My wife and I were looking forward to it.
R I'm so sorry,something has just come up.
-That's too bad.Are you sure you can't make it?

Sonríe es solo un mal día no una mala vida

Tengo laringitis!

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